Disputes and Problems


do I complain about a builder?

Most customers have a good experience when they hire a tradesperson through Rate My Traders, but occasionally jobs can go wrong. 

In the first instance, you should discuss any problems with the tradesperson directly and try to work out a solution that suits both parties. Most tradespeople want customers to be happy with their work and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably. Address the problem objectively and without emotion, referring to evidence where appropriate.

If the tradesperson fails to deal with your complaint in a satisfactory way or disagrees with your point of view, you may need to escalate the matter. We recommend writing to the tradesperson in the first instance, explaining what you’re not happy with, what you want the tradesperson to do and by when. Citizens Advice have a selection of letter templates that can help you draft a complaint.

You should give the tradesperson a reasonable period of time to respond to your complaint and address your concerns. If they won’t or can’t fix the problem, you do have the right to ask for a partial or even a full refund in certain circumstances. You may need to negotiate and agree on a figure.

If you are still unable to reach an agreement and would like our advice, get in touch. Although we are unable to mediate, we will do our best to offer clear and impartial information about what your options are. We are able to provide better advice if you include answers to the following questions when you write to us.

When you are ready, we recommend that you leave feedback about your experience. The ability to leave a comment on the trader’s public profile creates a level of accountability that wouldn't otherwise exist. Tradespeople have the right to reply to any neutral or negative feedback posted to the site.

Does Rate My Traders offer a dispute resolution service? 

If things go wrong with a job posted on Rate My Traders, we encourage both parties to try and resolve their differences amicably. If an agreement can’t be reached, we signpost people to specialist organisations who have the expertise to provide further assistance.

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