How It Works Trader

How it works Traders

Homeowners post jobs on our site when they’re looking to get work done.

job leads

This is your chance to meet new customers and give them a quote and win work.

Sign up for free or pay for our monthly or yearly subscription

The leads you see are based on your trade and the area you want to work in, so you’ll only see relevant opportunities.

When you request to work on a job you will only be charged if the homeowner selects you to be shortlisted

only a max of 3 tradspeople will be shortlisted and its then down to the customer to make a hire.

Once it’s all done and the homeowner is happy, they’ll leave you a review. These reviews appear on your profile page for everyone to see, which lets other homeowners who are thinking about hiring you see your past reviews.

Here’s what it costs

Get reviews for everyone to see

Every time you complete a job on the Ratemytrader platform the homeowner will leave you a review helping you to get new job offers and grow your customer base

The App

You can use our app to manage your account and to get alerts for new leads

– You can bid for new jobs send quotes and have live chat with all customers via the app

Run your business from our traders app on the go and see how easy Ratemytrader is to start earning extra cash for your business

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