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About our fees

Our fees pay as you go

You only pay a fee when the homeowner shortlists you. There are no joining fees, membership fees or any other costs.

Monthly package

Our monthly package costs £69 a month including VAT this will allow you to work on up to 100 leads a month and is a great option for someone looking to use our service on a regular bases 

Fee disputes process 

You can dispute a shortlist fee if:

If you have incurred a fee for any of the above, please get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help.

What am I paying for? 

A shortlist is the exchange of contact details between you and the customer. Unlike other lead generation services, Rate My Traders shortlists are warm leads since the customer has chosen you, giving you a much better contact rate overall.

Because the customer has chosen you and we’ve verified their contact number, most shortlists should result in positive contact. Despite our best efforts though, we cannot guarantee you will always make contact, get to quote or win the job.

You can only be shortlisted for jobs you’ve shown interest in, so you’re completely in control of how much you pay. There are no other fees so if you’re busy and don’t need to use Rate My Traders for a while, you can simply stop showing interest in new leads.

How are shortlist fees calculated? 

We review and price every job lead posted on the site. Each lead is priced according to the expected job value which is based on the description of the work and the location. The fee is clearly visible on the lead before you show interest in the job. Remember, there is no fee for expressing interest - the fee only applies if you are shortlisted.

Shortlist fees vary depending on the type of job. Larger jobs incur a higher fee than smaller jobs and fees typically range from £2.00 to £30.

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